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  > Top 250 hot topics on bankruptcyhelp.org.uk forum
Top 250 Hot topics from the Bankruptcy Forum - BankruptcyHelp.org.uk
Active Topics on Bankruptcy Forum - BankruptcyHelp.org.uk
Shop lease with Father as Guarantor! BR 6th May! (by: beebop) 4 1461
Someone doing credit check using my address (by: Niobe) 6 16099
Not sure? (by: Niobe) 1 5323
I thought it was all over, but . . . (by: Niobe) 4 5512
Setting cash aside for bankruptcy process (by: Lisa Thomas) 5 4657
I was made bankrupt in 1991 and discharged in 1994 (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 4612
When a house is part of the asset for a debt, is it possible to sell before a forced sale ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 4121
I received lots of help on this site and have a friend who could use some advice (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 4023
I want to know more about bankruptcy. I just need a clean slate (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 4355
6 years nearly over (by: Niobe) 6 5043
Reposession after BR (by: Lisa Thomas) 5 3989
My husband had a debt for fraudulent misrepresentation (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 3718
Tax refund after discharge (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 3493
Would we be entitled to this refund ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 3855
Nearly Free (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 2937
What happens in bankruptcy to the extra income if I start working ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 3380
We declared bankruptcy November 2010. When will it drop off our credit reports ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 12 3463
Does discharge happen automatically after 12 months with no IPO ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 7 3679
Too many cases of bankruptcy to issue written confirmation of decision ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 5 3176
Left with house and debts I dont know what to do about tax bill. Grateful for any advice. (by: Niobe) 5 2915
Bankruptcy & car help (by: Niobe) 4 2382
My partner is a bankrupt. What happens to my half of property value if we are forced to vacate it ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 10 2375
Thinking of moving to Indonesia (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 1883
Callcare Test (by: Niobe) 3 1888
Can anything be done to remove me from the liability of a BTL mortgage ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 13 2263
After years of dreaming of being debt free I would go bankrupt but for beneficial interest (by: Niobe) 4 2005
Hi, Im looking for a bit more help please. (by: Niobe) 10 2284
Help needed. Made bankrupt 2013. (by: Lisa Thomas) 3 2116
Today received a letter threatening to publish my bankruptcy unless I pay them some money. (by: Niobe) 9 7368
Lisa Thomas (by: Niobe) 1 1489
If i have to declare myself bankrupt but cant afford the fees what do I do ? (by: Lisa Thomas) 4 2566
Hello, my husband and I have been in a DMP. It has been suggested that he goes bankrupt. (by: Lisa Thomas) 6 1917
I have 8 months left of my IPO. (by: Viki.W) 3 2259
Hi, I was declared bankrupt last October and have been told to leave my rented property (by: Viki.W) 6 2316
My new partner is going BR after her house was Repod (by: Viki.W) 10 7544
I live in rented accommodation. Will bankruptcy affect this ? (by: pcoventry2) 4 6908
Can you explain what this means ? (by: Niobe) 9 4793
Would it be possible to go bankrupt and still remain in the Philippines ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1861
Making An Offer To Trustee For Bankrupts Equity (by: Viki.W) 3 1663
How quickly are credit files updated once an amendment has been made ? (by: Niobe) 2 1713
Bankruptcy changes from April 2016 (by: pcoventry2) 9 7756
Hello I am new to this forum, I have a few questions (by: Viki.W) 5 6389
I was declared bankrupt over 6 years ago due to the property crash (by: Viki.W) 3 1777
HelloI owe the banks and Im on job seekers allowance. (by: Viki.W) 3 1786
When and how can I remove defaulted amounts from my credit file ? (by: Viki.W) 13 3177
What is classed as acceptable expenditure ? Does it include counselling and child care ? I (by: Niobe) 4 1780
I have a joint mortgage with my partner will we be forced to sell our home ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1673
If my house is revalued into positive equity does the OR have a time scale to repossess it ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1685
Is it allowed for IP to serve me with bankruptcy papers via email ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1592
If I declare bankruptcy will future wages go to creditors ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1781
How can I correct defaults ? (by: Niobe) 13 2181
Can household be blacklisted by stranger ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1594
Hi there, what percentage of surplus income is the OR likely to take ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1800
I can not afford to pay for bankruptcy what do I do ? (by: Niobe) 3 1688
Bankruptcy expired, not on the insolvency register but defaults showing on credit file (by: Niobe) 3 1539
Im unsure if bankruptcy is the right decision for me (by: Viki.W) 3 1646
Questions about clearing a charging order. A car loan was secured against my house (by: Viki.W) 5 1703
Money I was left in a will is being claimed by the OR. So many conflicting views on this. (by: Viki.W) 3 1671
I have become the registered keeper for the car owned by my father. (by: Viki.W) 3 1820
Will this car be outside the bankruptcy exempt ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1819
Happy New Year (by: Niobe) 3 5608
For Viki (by: Niobe) 4 1818
I have just received an attachment of earnings order. What do you suggest ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1888
Viki is now an Approved Intermediary (by: Viki.W) 4 3748
Im going through bankruptcy at the moment (by: Viki.W) 3 2186
Can a creditor have a claim on my assets after bankruptcy discharge in 1999 ? (by: Viki.W) 3 2025
I have today received a B10 Notice. Is there anything I can do to prevent losing my house ? (by: Viki.W) 6 2496
I forgot about a bankruptcy order against me. (by: Niobe) 11 2106
Hi, I am looking for some help. (by: Niobe) 12 2170
Declared bankruptcy May, 2004. Discharged Oct 2004. Do I have to pay PPI to court ? (by: Niobe) 4 1865
I work for a health care provider, will they be made aware of my bankruptcy ? (by: Niobe) 2 1821
I have a problem I cant resolve without some help (by: Niobe) 4 1629
Im not able to pay my upcoming tax. What are my options ? (by: Viki.W) 8 2175
Hi how can I as a third party purchase an asset of a bankrupt ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1609
BR advice needed (by: Viki.W) 10 1857
Would bankruptcy clear my tax bill? (by: Niobe) 7 2221
Hi, My sons business is failing and a supplier is likely to make him bankrupt. (by: Niobe) 3 1498
Hi, I will soon be at that point where my bankruptcy will be removed from credit report (by: Niobe) 7 2053
Will PPI claim reopen bankruptcy discharged in 2010 ? (by: Viki.W) 6 1755
credit report (by: Niobe) 5 1955
I want to make an offer to buy out my bankrupt husbands equity share in our home (by: Niobe) 3 1733
Will I be able to keep childrens maintenance costs ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1925
Hi, I am very close to petitioning for bankruptcy but could do with some advice (by: Niobe) 9 2497
Can I file for bankruptcy ? (by: Viki.W) 4 1893
Accounts still open (by: Niobe) 7 1747
I have been currently unemployed and with no fixed address. (by: Viki.W) 3 5670
Nothing was settled about house in boyfriend boyfriends divorce. Ex wife considering bankruptcy. (by: Viki.W) 7 1790
Very stressed after divorce and not seeing my child. Starving because Ive no money. (by: Niobe) 3 1660
All of my pension is being taken retrospectively. Is there any chance of fighting this ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1703
Why was I discriminated against ? (by: Niobe) 3 1861
I am considering bankruptcy (can no longer afford payments to IVA) (by: Viki.W) 2 1612
Are we able to clear our bankruptcy ( 6 years ago) from our credit file straight away ? (by: Niobe) 2 1652
My wife was forced into bankruptcy in 2009 (by: Niobe) 4 1616
I still have a year left to pay IPA. (by: Viki.W) 10 1935
Worried that creditors will add a note of correction when I ask them to change default date. (by: Niobe) 2 5465
3 years on after discharge (by: Niobe) 5 1895
notice of intention to stay enforcement (by: Susiet) 3 1736
Hi, not sure if bankruptcy would work for me ? (by: Niobe) 3 1570
Can hardly believe it has been over 6 years since I first found this site. (by: scatcat) 9 1637
Can someone whose house has been repossessed be made bankrupt in their absence ? (by: Marie.t) 6 1523
My aunty left me a legacy two mouths before I was discharged and it has been taken. (by: Viki.W) 3 1521
Worrying letter received about who provided deposit for my bankruptcy 6 years ago (by: Viki.W) 7 1721
Ive been made insolvent, my bank is closing my account. What can I do now ? (by: Niobe) 5 5528
Hi, I am new to this forum, Am I right about prohibition on suing a bankrupt ? (by: Viki.W) 3 5453
Can my mother, who is in a nursing home with Altziemers, declare herself bankrupt ? (by: Blackie) 4 1794
We have 2 disabled children. Would we lose our house if we declare bankruptcy ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1684
We have just been issued with a bankruptcy order. My husband works in Europe. (by: Viki.W) 3 1542
I am in the process of applying for bankruptcy (by: Viki.W) 3 1632
BR seems the only option (by: Viki.W) 3 1460
I am going bankrupt as a sole trader. Can I give a person the maintenance contracts ? (by: Niobe) 3 1454
Please help, I cant afford a solicitor to remove bankruptcy notices and restrictions from title. (by: Niobe) 2 1552
HMRC query (by: Viki.W) 3 1480
Hi do you have to use a solicitor when transferring property back to myself ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1468
Credit file after discharge (by: Niobe) 3 1476
My Bankruptcy 3 year period ends this December, wil I get my land registry back ? (by: Niobe) 8 1682
Is there anyway I can get help with going bankrupt ? (by: Niobe) 3 1630
I will be going bankrupt every year until my lease ends if this is correct ! Any help appreciated. (by: Viki.W) 2 1598
CCJs and council tax? (by: Niobe) 33 4634
Discharged from bankruptcy 2013. It transpires that a second loan is still on the house (by: Viki.W) 3 1692
Can I tell insolvency that I want to hand over my house ? (by: pcoventry2) 4 5651
I have a property abroad that I cannot sell. (by: Viki.W) 3 1618
I am British. I am thinking of UK Bankruptcy for UK debt. Last 2 years working in Ireland. (by: Blackie) 3 1648
How far will the official look back at bank statements ? (by: Blackie) 3 1912
It seems very scary to go bankrupt and we have no real idea of how it will affect us. (by: Viki.W) 3 1663
I am declaring bankruptcy. Will payments to parents for board be allowed as expenditure ? (by: Blackie) 4 1878
I am currently thinking of Bankruptcy. (by: Niobe) 9 2009
6 years on (by: Viki.W) 3 1768
DRO Levels to increase (by: Blackie) 4 1840
Are congestion charge fines covered under bankruptcy ? (by: Niobe) 19 2907
bankruptcy after seperation (by: Viki.W) 8 1610
How long does it take to annul bankruptcy through the court ? Do I need a solicitor ? (by: Viki.W) 5 1674
Is there any way I can avoid bankruptcy ? (by: Niobe) 8 1696
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (by: Viki.W) 2 5422
I am being made bankrupt for council tax. Can I ask for a charge on my property instead ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1517
My husband went bankrupt in march 2012. Can they force the sale of our house ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1634
After the court hearing, how long do I have before my house is repossessed ? (by: Niobe) 12 1787
I was made bankrupt 121212 , can I sell my share of my portfolio to my son ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1412
Will any holds made on my Land registry regarding my property bee moved after 3 years ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1469
How long do I have to wait before I can sell my property without paying off creditors ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1414
I thought bankruptcy lasted 3 years and not a lifetime. (by: Viki.W) 3 1606
I am going insolvent. We have a joint loan. Can the house my wife owns be repossessed ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1444
I donthe think I can get the funds to go bankrupt. what can I do ? (by: Niobe) 5 1659
Could bankruptcy be a better option ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1610
2 years after going bankrupt (by: pcoventry2) 4 5678
Wondering how much time I have to find a property to rent after repossession hearing ? (by: Niobe) 5 1518
I need to get advice on buying the trustees interest in my home (by: Viki.W) 2 1511
hi all . I am close to bankruptcy and I have a couple of questions. (by: james1102) 5 1734
Will I have to declare my mobile phone contract to the OF ? (by: Viki.W) 4 1604
debt not included in bankruptcy. (by: Viki.W) 14 1958
hi all myself and my wife are thinking of going bankrupt fairly soon. (by: Viki.W) 3 1674
Car (by: Viki.W) 2 1618
I am about to go bankrupt. Why is solicitor wanting legal aid to put a charge on house ? (by: Viki.W) 4 1831
personal pension (by: Niobe) 19 2707
Will my partner be affected if I go bankrupt? (by: Viki.W) 5 1725
Can you have a joint bankruptcy with your wife ? (by: pcoventry2) 6 5596
BR or CCJ on credit file? (by: pcoventry2) 20 7644
Just done a Experian Check. (by: pcoventry2) 10 5747
Mine field correcting credit file (by: pcoventry2) 35 8102
Credit card (by: pcoventry2) 38 13409
Hi all, its a long time since I have been on here (by: pcoventry2) 11 5684
Should I get a market property valuation or a forced sale valuation (by: Niobe) 7 1778
My house had been for sale for a year. I havent heard from a trustee. What happens now ? (by: pcoventry2) 4 5579
My wife does not wish to show OR personal details as we are not getting on too well. (by: Viki.W) 7 1784
Hello, I now live in Dubai. Am I able to declare bankruptcy ? (by: debtinfo) 4 1657
Will I be allowed to keep co op cash minder account in bankruptcy ? (by: Skippy) 8 1721
Director? (by: Niobe) 12 1770
I am looking to get help with my debts and wonder if bankruptcy is an option ? (by: pcoventry2) 6 5647
Made bankrupt May 2010, early release September 2010. Am I clear of all bankruptcy restrictions ? (by: Niobe) 3 1528
Ppi (by: debtinfo) 5 1617
I have a lot of pay day loans and recently lost my job and still living at my parents (by: Viki.W) 3 1641
my ex going bankrupt (by: dawnlougib) 40 3843
We dont have the initial fee to pay for bankruptcy. (by: Niobe) 10 2032
I have no way of finding the fees to go bankrupt (by: pcoventry2) 3 5357
Will the OR consider my repayment for loans from family favouritism to creditors ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1543
Would computers essential to my work be taken from me ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1535
Would we lose our car ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1595
All help appreciated to sort out what I am up against claim for share of interest (by: Blackie) 3 1919
Now being hounded by a creditor after discharge from bankruptcy (by: pcoventry2) 5 5981
Hi, I was made bankrupt in May2012. What is involved in the lead up to discharge ? (by: pcoventry2) 123 20586
Had 8 years of constant struggle I really need some help. Im scared and feel worthless (by: Niobe) 15 2015
Can I claim PPI on a card post bankruptcy ? (by: Niobe) 3 5473
Paying well in excess the amount I was made bankrupt for ? (by: debtinfo) 3 1592
Hello,I am considering bankruptcy due to debts from a previous business (by: Viki.W) 3 1677
After discharge from bankruptcy we are splitting up. Would we be liable for any shortfall ? (by: Niobe) 4 1524
I have been to court and am now bankrupt, (by: Skippy) 19 3849
How does the OR value property ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1567
What would qualify you to become bankrupt ? (by: Blackie) 4 1996
Can I declare bankruptcy while employed ? (by: Blackie) 3 2066
I was discharged 2010. What do I do about a creditor who contacted me ? (by: Viki.W) 5 1637
Sorting out your Credit files after the 6 years! (by: Niobe) 7 1822
How much will I need to pay to declare myself bankrupt ? (by: debtinfo) 10 1799
Well this is unbelievable but true! (by: Niobe) 15 2402
Hi I dont know if I should go down the bankruptcy route (by: Niobe) 16 1936
A word of Warning to all! (by: pcoventry2) 6 5873
DRO criteria (by: Andy Davie) 4 1705
Since discharge in 1997 trustees have been drawing down my pension. (by: Niobe) 2 1596
A bit of an odd one Any Ideas??? (by: Niobe) 24 6465
Mortgage after Bankruptcy (by: Niobe) 2 1474
I declared bankruptcy in 2008. Just had a letter from company who bought a debt . (by: onthewagon) 4 1656
Should I cut my losses and apply for bankruptcy in the UK ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1503
We were declared bankrupt in 1994. Can we receive money from endowment policy ? (by: Niobe) 8 1556
Advice please (by: Niobe) 2 1518
If I declare bankruptcy will I be able to have a bank account ? (by: Niobe) 14 2518
Dont know what to do or who to turn to for help closing business due to poor health (by: Blackie) 4 1460
After the 6 Year point (by: Niobe) 25 3232
guarantor (by: Viki.W) 3 1491
Can bankruptcy erase a debt to former wife ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1537
How long on my credit file ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1458
if you own your house out right (by: Niobe) 3 1479
Hi am currently in Thailand and wish to declare Bankruptcy. (by: Viki.W) 4 1584
Can you apply for bankruptcy once a creditor has applied for court proceedings ? (by: Niobe) 6 1779
Can I declare myself bankrupt if I work but my ear (by: Viki.W) 3 1586
Just say Hi ! :) (by: Niobe) 8 1685
What happens to buy to let properties in negative equity in bankruptcy ? (by: Viki.W) 2 1625
Do I need to declare all of my debt? Can I still have a mobile phone contract ? (by: Viki.W) 4 1684
What is the cost of declaring bankruptcy, i am claiming benefits (by: Blackie) 6 2816
What is the cost of declaring bankruptcy, i am cla (by: Viki.W) 4 1779
I and my ex partner owe about £4500 pounds to a power company. (by: Viki.W) 3 1480
Am I able to take out a pay day loan ....I have no money whatsoever to live on (by: Niobe) 3 1542
Bankruptcy and Addresses (by: pcoventry2) 5 5451
How is my house affected by bankruptcy? (by: Niobe) 3 1564
The past 15 years I have been struggling with crippling debt (by: Niobe) 3 1495
Hi Viki, you have helped me with responses in the past for which I am very grateful (by: Will5430) 4 1491
Hello,I need some help, I am currently filing for bankruptcy (by: Viki.W) 2 1462
Can I be declared insolvent even if I can pay the money owed ? (by: Blackie) 4 1537
A client has buy to let debts and is thinking of going bankrupt. (by: Blackie) 5 1444
I was made bankrupt in march 08. Will my only delinquent account disappear in June ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1570
I am a single mum and currently pregnant. (by: Viki.W) 5 1543
Hi,My husband and I are filing for Bankruptcy (by: Niobe) 5 1524
defaults still showing after discharge (by: Viki.W) 3 1385
Should I contact OR and inform him of payment demand post bankruptcy ? (by: Viki.W) 3 1500
If I cant have a bank account, how will clients pay me as they are not happy to pay individuals ? (by: Niobe) 5 1673
End of IPA (by: Niobe) 4 3806
Do the same criteria for individual bankruptcy apply for an insolvent estate ? (by: Niobe) 2 1387
As self employed I would need a bank account to receive payments from clients. (by: Niobe) 2 1461
I want to help my mum. She is disabled, up to her eyes in debt, crying everyday all day. (by: Niobe) 7 1544
Student Bankrupcy (by: Viki.W) 4 1475
I have been served a petition for sequestration by a Scottish Court which I dispute. (by: Niobe) 2 1494
I was declared bankrupt in March 2008. Will it fall off my credit history in March 2014 ? (by: Niobe) 11 1650
Update # 3 (by: Tifosi1) 4 1551
If I declare bankruptcy will my house be taken off me ? (by: Niobe) 7 1665
Will it be best to go bankrupt ? (by: Niobe) 5 2116
Howdo the bailiffs know what stuff belongs to who? (by: Niobe) 4 2801
Update :) (by: Viki.W) 3 1414
Credit Rating (by: Niobe) 2 1442
Moving On (by: Niobe) 2 2562
Need advice re: mortgage after bankruptcy. (by: Tifosi1) 3 1346
Mortgage after BR (by: Niobe) 3 1409
Mortgage after BR (by: Niobe) 4 1472
Important update (by: Blackie) 4 1550

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