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 Meeting with OR Weds 2-3 HOURS + ?
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forum expert

2826 Posts

Posted - 09 March 2011 :  14:02:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
does your ex know where you live, if not and you may be in danger you can go back to the judge and request that your address be removed from all of the public bankruptcy records
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forum expert

United Kingdom
641 Posts

Posted - 09 March 2011 :  15:18:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi widge,
what you signed was a pre-narrative statement regarding the circumstances leading to your bankruptcy,section 291 of the insolvency act being your duty to co-operate with the OR, which yiu have done.

Regarding the consent order, if it's been made by a court it generally isn't challenged by the OR, only agreements on divorce not sanctioned by the court. The only way the consent order may be challenged will be on a mistake, fraud or such like.

Also what is the amount involved?

As for fear of your ex coming after you, there's nothing that can be done until something does happen, i.e threats made directly to you in person, or by phone,text, email etc(better evidentially as you can retain copies of texts, voicemails etc). If so then you need to keep a record of each occasion that something happens, then you could look at something being done under the harassment act, other options depend upon when and how things develop.

Big Al
Insolvency examiner with the Insolvency service from April 2008 - July 2010.

If you need help completing SOA's(statement of affairs) or PIQ's(preliminary information questionnaire) if you've been declared bankrupt, or anything else and you're within 30 miles or so of Warrington, then please contact me via my contact details in the expert page for futher details"
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New Member

United Kingdom
88 Posts

Posted - 09 March 2011 :  18:25:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Widge - so how do you feel after yoour interview. Was it ok? did you feel under pressure? Two hours seems a huuuuge amount of time to be grilled about your finances, I have a headache just trying to imagine it urk!!! I must say though, Im a bit concerned for you with regards to your ex but I appreciate you know him and know if its idle threats. Just promise to be careful!!

Big glass of vino for you tonight matey as thats one more hurdle you've crossed. Think I might join you - any excuse though XX

Mine's a double
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Junior Member

United Kingdom
118 Posts

Posted - 09 March 2011 :  22:14:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Actually the gentleman interviewing me was very nice and understanding and I did not feel at all under pressure. Two hours is a long time but we had a lot to cover and it didn't seem that long. He thought that the court order made several years ago was unfair considering my changes in circumstances since, but I'll have to wait to hear from the IP on that one.

One good thing I've found out is that loans from my motherand boyfriend all count too in the bankruptcy. So they should get their money back too if all goes well.

I can't do much about the ex but like Big Al has said, I shall keep a record of all communication he has with me. He does know where I live but its quite a distance from him and at least he can't ring my mobile number now.

OK now for that huge glass of wine or two!

Widge x
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choccie lab
Starting Member

United Kingdom
48 Posts

Posted - 09 March 2011 :  23:38:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Widge,thanks for letting us know how you got on,hope your enjoying the wine.

Jane x
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forum expert

436 Posts

Posted - 10 March 2011 :  07:22:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Widge, I'm glad your interview is over and done with & that your interviewer was not the Ogre that we all imagine they are going to be.

Make sure you use your friends experience in the police force to help you in anyway.

Take care.

"Good things come to those who wait".....I'm a patient person but this is taking the Mickey!!
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United Kingdom
4590 Posts

Posted - 10 March 2011 :  09:59:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Glad it all went well widge. Good luck.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

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Junior Member

United Kingdom
118 Posts

Posted - 10 March 2011 :  21:25:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ups and downs...ups and downs. My moods are hard to control right now. I'm desperately trying my best to cope and I'm grateful for all your support. You have all been brilliant. Needless to say I'm feeling a bit 'run down'. I am nearly 46 for goodness sake and developed a spot on my nose, I've had the start of a cold-thing that hasn't developed into anything or gone away. I'm drinking too much wine. My ex is accusing me of doing this deliberately and called me a conniving b*tch...as if I would do this just for fun? I just want to run away from all this and not because of the BR, if it was that alone it would be ok, its just how they're going to go after the ex who is so aggressive. He's gonna give me some serious grief he knows where I live and work. ory for the outburst :(
Widge x
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New Member

United Kingdom
88 Posts

Posted - 10 March 2011 :  23:10:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Oh Widge dont apologise. you are going through such a big upheaval at the moment but Im sure things will come good for you in the end chick. I too am over 40 and look at other people who seem to be just sailing through life with everything mapped out, good investments for their futures and old age. I look at myself and feel so cr$p about where I am right now. Im not surprised its affecting you physically but it is very early days. You just keep it in the forefront of your mind, that this is a new start. You may have a couple of hurdles to cross yet before you reach that light at the end of the tunnel..but you are well on the way there.

Im no expert Widge but I would assume these things take time to sort but you may wake up tomorrow with a different outlook. You only feel so down because you are a decent person, anyone who doesnt feel remorse or a certain sense of failure has either had some verrrry good counselling or have no sense of right or wrong and really dont give a stuff. My bet is that these people would end up back in BR in a few years time. Not you though.

As for the spot....make the most of it, teenage spots at 46 - a rare occurrance. Oh and lay off the wine, leave enough for me

Take care matey and keep sharing your feelings it must help a bit

Mine's a double
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